Bijar, The Iron Rug of Persia

These rugs are world renowned for their artistry, craftsmanship, and excellent materials. The Bijar have a unique weave that uses the symmetrical Turkish knot and double weft compacted very tightly, thus making them heavy and durable rugs. The characteristic weft technique used in the Kurdish BIJAR area gave rise to the term BIJAR structure. As weavers tie each row of knots, an extra weft is added and pounded down creating the stiff, heavy foundation. Being named the Iron Rug of Persia, these pieces can withstand up to 200 years of heavy use. The region’s weavers transformed many classic antique rug designs with their own interpretations. The most common pattern is the Herati (also called fish pattern), but also medallions and floral motifs occur. With the vast variety of designs these rugs offer, they work in any style of design and are a superb choice for high traffic areas within the home.

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